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In anticipation of the selection of a new director for the Georgian National Film Center. 

The Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports will soon appoint a new director of the Georgian Film Center. In the past, a selection committee has advised the Minister on potential candidates, which the Minister then chooses from. On March 4th the Georgian Film Cluster proposed a list of highly qualified film professionals for the selection committee in a letter to Mr. Giorgadze. The number of qualified film professionals in Georgia far exceeds those mentioned in our list, which made our selection very challenging. We attempted to identify those professionals who have been active in the film industry (or in related fields) and have been involved with the motion picture industry on an international level. We believe that the Georgian film industry’s unrealized potential for growth can be activated only if new policies are implemented, and we seek leadership and commitment from a candidate who shares these goals




Below is the list of the candidates (in alphabetical order):


Gela Babluani /Director, Producer/

Otar Bubashvili /Distribution Representative/

Gogi Gvakharia /Film Critic/

Tinatin Gurchiani /Director, Producer/

Nana Ekvtimishvili /Director, Producer/

Levan Tutberidze /Director/

Vladimer Katcharava /Producer/

Nino Kirtadze /Director, Producer/

Levan Koguashvili /Director, Producer/

Keti Matchavariani /Director, Producer/

Giorgi Ovashvili /Director, Producer/

Rati Oneli /Director, Producer/

Zaza Urushadze /Director, Producer/

Giorgi Shvelidze /DOP/

Dito Tsintsadze /Director/

Anna Dziapshipa /Producer/

Rusudan Tchkonia /Director/

Zaza Khalvashi /Director/

Lasha Khalvashi/Producer/

Teo Khatiashvili /Producer/

Salome Jashi /Director/

Nana Jorjadze /Director/


Former directors of the GNFC (in chronological order)

Tamar Tatishvili  2010-2013

Nana Janelidze  2013-2016

Zurab Magalashvili  2016-2019

See the original letter attached below: LINK